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Fix Rocketdock Stack Docklets in Windows 7

by on Jan.24, 2010, under Uncategorized

There’s a glitch in RocketDock that only shows itself in Windows 7 where stack docklets lose their settings when the computer is restarted.  The problem is related to Win7 security and is easily fixed.  Here’s how.

This post won’t get into how to install a stack docklet in RocketDock, but will only show how to keep Windows 7 from making RocketDock forget the stack’s settings.

Open your Computer and select the C drive.

Find RocketDock within Program Files (possibly Program Files (x86)) and right click to set the Properties.

Select the Security Tab and look for a User with your name.  Edit it and choose “Allow” for Full control.

That’s it.  Now redo the stack docklet and it will retain its settings.

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  • Jeff Jackson

    Doing this is a really bad idea. It pretty much leaves you’re computer wide open for viruses. You should never change permissions of anything in Program Files like that. Ever.

    • walter

      Given that I’m only changing permission for myself and only for that one program, I didn’t consider it a security risk.

    • James Hutson

      This is not a ‘really bad idea’ as you put it. Viruses embed themselves in computers purely through operator error or negligence. You do not need antivirus software on your computer to remain virus free. It is purely a line of defence and a fallback. As long as you know the software you install and run is safe, you will not infect your system. Altering permissions like this will only cause problems if the application you alter is malicious, and, as long as is is up to date, your antivirus software should recognise it and remove it before this problem arises.

  • Angry Commenter

    Will somebody please post a real solution to this, please, or publish a stack docklet that actually friggin’ works?

    This fix only reduces the frequency of stack-blanking to once every 3rd or 4th reboot, it does NOT eliminate it completely. And the only other stack docklet published online that I can find is a totally unreliable piece of junk. Grrrrrr!

  • Darth Leo

    This took me awhile!

    1.Make sure that rocketdock is in “portable mode”.
    2.Exit Rocketdock
    3.Right-click your rocketdock folder and select “properties”
    4.Make sure that the atributes for read-only are off
    5.Only launch rocket dock with the rocketdock.exe file NOT WITH PORTABLEDOCK!!!!!

    • walter

      Thanks for the tip! It seems like I lose my stack icons on some random basis even after my original published method, so I’ll see if this truly solves the problem.

    • walter

      Nope. Lost ’em again. But maybe I didn’t do it as you intended. I didn’t see anything labeled “portable mode”, so I clicked the checkbox to store settings in a portable INI.


    when I restart the computer, rocketdock is gone. I should again click on icon to start it. I also set run at start option in settings of rocket dock and it is not working. Please help me.

    • walter

      If you have “Run at Startup” checked in the dock settings, I’m not sure what would be going wrong. You might make sure it’s not simply hidden. There’s a setting under “Behavior” that will auto-hide the dock or possibly under “Position” make sure it’s not off the screen or something. Other than that, I don’t know why it wouldn’t be starting on it’s own.

  • Ravi

    i am using rocket dock & stack dock when i am trying to set icons with stack dock getting error message:
    Can’t save confirguration to .ini file
    Group: Docklet2
    can you please help me with this

    • walter

      Just to check the obvious first, is there a \docklets\settings.ini file existing? If it’s not, there may have been an installation glitch. If it exists but can’t save to it, it may be a permissions problem. It’s hard to say, but those are the first things I’d check.

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