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Half way to getting pyTivo working

by on Apr.14, 2012, under Uncategorized

[Updated below] I followed the instructions here for getting pyTivo installed on my Ubuntu box and configured it for Movies and Music.  The music part worked perfectly, but I have a bunch of items in the Movie listings for vts-xx-xx, so apparently I don’t have my movies in the correct format.  I’m also not having much success in finding what video formats are supported.

The other issue I’m having is that when I start the pyTivo server from terminal, I never get my command prompt back, and if I close the Terminal window, the server stops.

Anyone out there running pyTivo on Ubuntu and know the answer to either of those issues?

[Update:  I experimented around with Handbrake and found a file format that works well for all my videos.  I converted them all to M4V format on Handbrake’s standard settings, and they play just fine.  That format also works with Roku players, by the way.  And I also found a solution to the problem of having to leave a terminal window command prompt and having to leave the terminal window open.  If you complete the procedure at the instructions page I link to, and set up the startup script, it will run in the background just fine on bootup.  I had previously skipped that step until I knew everything was working correctly.  So with this all working properly on your Tivo, at the bottom of the “My Shows” page, you’ll see a choice for pyTivo.  When you select that, you’ll get a list of all the movie files there.  They’re in alphabetical order by filename.  Select one and it will ask if you want to transfer it to the Tivo.  The transfer will start, and then you’re given the option of selecting more, or beginning to watch the movie as it it transfers.  If you select additional movies, the next movie will wait until the first has finished before it will begin transferring.  Now..  After having gone through all that, I’ve bought a Roku 3 and have quit using pyTivo in favor of the Roku PLEX app which gives me full access to my movies in a very nice user interface.  Look for my review of Plex.]

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