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XBMC – “Babylon” update

by on May.12, 2009, under Uncategorized


At least a year ago, I got an old used Xbox console and modded it to run linux and installed XBMC.  I used it for awhile to stream video to a TV, then something happened and it got unplugged and I didn’t use it again until now.  The latest XBMC version, Babylon, has been released and I decided to try it again.

xbmc-scavenger-huntI don’t recall what version I had been using, but updating it is fairly easy once you get the file.  For Windows, Mac, Linux, etc, getting the files is trivial.  They’re simply available for download from  For Xbox, they turn it into a scavenger hunt.

Once you have the file you unzip it and upload it to the Xbox via FTP.  You just erase out the old folder structure and copy in the new.  If you want databases and preferences to remain intact you preserve the User Data folder.  Frankly, I don’t see too much difference.  It still crashes a couple of times an evening as I’m navigating menus or updating libraries.  Crashes require powering off the unit and restarting.

The GUI for XBMC is great.  People are really doing some nice graphics work for this.  The screenshots below are from the Project Mayhem III HD and Mediastream skins.  Navigating it with the Xbox remote is a little hit and miss because sometimes a button does one thing, and sometimes another.  Video playback is first rate.  Right now, I’m just using an SVideo hookup at 480i resolution and I’m not entirely sure that the Xbox console can do any better than that, even with component cables.  Gotta check into that.

This would probably work great at 720p or even 1080i with even a minimal laptop running the Linux version.

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