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Microsoft Outlook is trying my nerves

by on Mar.13, 2013, under Uncategorized

Awhile back I got Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate through a program they called “the ultimate steal”.  It was the whole shebang for about $80.  I liked my OpenOffice and Mozilla Thunderbird, so never installed it until just recently when I got a new Windows 7 computer.

The most recent versions of Word or Excel that I had used prior to this were 2000, so I’m liking the changes to those programs.  But good God, Outlook sucks in comparison to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Every day, since slowly migrating my email from Thunderbird to Outlook, I’m finding something new I can’t do that I could before.  Here’s my list so far.

  1. I can’t make a rule that applies to incoming and outgoing mail at the same time.  Outlook requires 2 rules.
  2. I can’t make a rule that applies to sender X OR subject Y.  It only allows AND conditions.  There’s another 2 separate rules I need to make.
  3. I can’t do a 2 way sync with my Google Calendar so I have access to my calendar at home and on my phone.  Google’s partly to blame there I guess in abandoning their syncing option for Outlook at the beginning of 2013.
  4. I can subscribe to my Google Calendar, but I can’t edit it, and it comes in with errors that strip out all the alerts.
  5. I can’t rearrange the order of email folders so my Inbox is on top.

I guess it boils down to the fact that so far I’ve seen no benefits to the switch from Thunderbird to Outlook, but keep finding new things I used to be able to do, that Outlook doesn’t allow.  There seems to be a definite dearth of 3rd party add-ins for Outlook too.

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