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ownCloud looks very promising!

by on Mar.25, 2013, under Uncategorized

I’ve installed ownCloud on a couple of my computers to see if it’s a viable roll-your-own version of Dropbox.  I love Dropbox, but if I can do an unlimited version of my own, well hey, why not.

Owncloud consists of client and server modules.  Install the server on a host with web access and the client on any Windows, OSX or Linux machine you want to sync.  Setup of the server was easy, but configuration wasn’t perfectly straight forward and I’m still feeling my way through that.  Permissions.  Yuck.  Once I get a better handle on that, I’ll update with a new post. [See below]

Until then, it works basically this way.  Once you install the server, you can access a web interface from, which allows for uploading, downloading, and deleting files.  You’d use this from a machine where the client wasn’t installed.  From the client software, you setup shares, where any local folder can be linked to a folder on the server.  I made a /video folder on my server and have the My Videos folder on a couple of Windows PCs linked to it.

It’s also possible to sync two local folders and bypass the server.  I’m especially excited about that option because I have a music folder on a Windows machine that I want synced to a folder on a linux box on the same LAN.  Right now, I have that happening once a day at midnight.  If I get it running correctly on ownCloud, it will happen almost instantly anytime a change is made.

More to come as I get more accustomed to how it works.

[Update: The permissions issue I had was a result of me trying to install the 5.0 server version to a Ubuntu 10.04 system, which isn’t explicitly supported.  It turns out that the latest version of php available for 10.04 was the problem.  I had 5.3.2 (or was it 5.3.6, I can’t remember) and needed 5.3.10.  There’s a particular repository that has been setup to allow 5.3.10 to be installed to 10.04.  See here for instructions.  After getting php updated, and re-installing, the permission problems I’d been having went away.]

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