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Franklin Prosensor 710 Stud Finder – Awesome!

by on Jun.24, 2013, under Uncategorized

2013-06-23 15.24.02This tool is awesome, and well worth the premium price over a standard stud sensor.  Somebody had a brilliant idea.  If you’re into DIY, and have a standard stud sensor in your toolbox, put it in the garage sale box, and get this one.  There’s no more need to slide across the wall looking for edges of studs and then hoping somewhere in the middle is the actual stud.  You place it against the wall horizontally, press the button, and if there’s a stud behind any of its 13 LED’s, they’ll light.   By not having to slide it, you can use it on textured walls and ceilings much easier too.  Below is a photo of me holding it against some exposed studs to show how it can even show more than one stud at once.  It runs on two AA batteries.

Sliced bread has nothing on this thing, but imagine how cool it would it be to build this idea into a 3 or 4′ bubble level!

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  • Joe Boxer

    After receiving my Franklin stud finder through a product evaluation program, I immediately tested it on known studs in a bathroom I’ve been renovating. It was able to pick up all the studs I looked for on the first try with no finagling. It even picked up the wood brace behind a drywall patch a couple of inches from a stud (both registered simultaneously) as well as a stud behind 1/2″ Hardie board with vapor membrane (stud was shown as larger than actual, but center was accurate…I did not expect it to register behind such a dense concrete board).

    This stud finder is very easy to use…I would even recommend it to my sister, mother, and grandmother. I love that it is constantly scanning/calibrating, so I can push the button before I get to the wall without throwing off the calibration. I can also lift off the wall and move without it shutting off. With my old stud finder, I would have to turn it on (and auto calibrate) between studs and sweep it over where I thought a stud should be. This was often an unreliable process that would yield a slightly different stud center on each successive pass. It would also error out if I lifted it from the wall. This is by far the best stud finder I’ve ever used…I no longer have to knock on the wall to determine a good place to calibrate the stud finder.

    For the first “real” test, I used this to detect studs behind walls to nail in baseboard. This was perfect for the task! I was able to sweep the detector quickly over the wall with one hand (holding in place to temporarily “mark” the stud via the red lights) while using my finish air nailer with the other hand to secure the baseboard to the wall. I will be hanging towel bars tonight, and I expect similar results.

    Bottom line: I think you have one of the best consumer stud finders on the market which I would recommend to anybody!

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