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Since my two ReplayTV DVRs are getting old and unreliable, I really need to do something different.  That means either spending $600+ on new Tivo’s, or doing a roll-your-own project like MythTV.  Things needed:

  • Spare Computer for back-end server – I’ve got my Dell Optiplex that’s running as a NAS and iTunes server, but it may not be powerful enough.  2.8ghz, 1GB RAM
  • TV Tuner card – Don’t have one.  Might be hard to find a small form factor version for the Dell.  USB possibly?  I’ve got plenty of USB slots left.
  • Two head-end computers small enough, and quiet enough, to put near the TVs.  Asus eee B206 would work great, but that’s gonna be expensive.
  • Install MythTV on existing Ubuntu 8.10 distro.

Eee boxes are likely to run $400 apiece and a tuner’s gonna be $50.  Ouch.

check-mark-copy-48x48Ubuntu Backups

This is embarrasing, but I’m new enough to this that I’m not actually sure how best to back up Ubuntu.

Followup:  I found the program “Back in Time” and have it running now for backups.  Setup was no problem.  Its saved my bacon a few times already in the first month of using it when I’ve accidentally deleted something.  I’ll get a post written about it eventually.

check-mark-copy-48x48SSL WordPress Admin

I’m looking into how to set up SSL on my webserver so that I can have secure, https, logins for WordPress.

Followup:  See this post for info on how I got this working.

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